More outfits, Same wardrobe

Everyday styling to special dates and night outs, get quick and free outfit combination recommendations from your wardrobe. Choose from recommendations and get immediate feedback from your friends to make an easy decision.


What is Stylicist?

Our main Features

"Smart" combinations

You know those moments when you scratch your head looking for the right clothes that go together, that fit your plans for the day and that don't look under/over-dressed? Use our combination tool to get the most of your wardrobe

Get friends feedback

Select the combinations and share with your close friends to seek their feedback. Create simple feedback polls and get instant suggestions on which one to wear for the occassion.

Remember the past

Search for the winning combinations that you did for previous events. You remember that day where you were so confident but you don't remember the jewelry you were wearing? Go back in time.

Plan your trips

Prepare your combinations in advance based on your plans. Structure your suitcase and make sure you don't forget anything. Always keep your wardrobe in your pocket and get promotions on your favorite brands.


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