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What is Stylicist?

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Win time in the morning: be stylish and ready in record time

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Save precious minutes in the morning by having your outfit selected for you. Look good and stress less.

Your wardrobe at your fingertips - Anytime, Anywhere

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Plan your outfits for the next days during that train ride home. Those clothes sleeping in your closet? See them on your mobile and check combinations with your wardrobe before you make the decision to buy that new shirt.

Say hello to Stylicist's tailored shopping experience

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We know your closet and style; let us curate the options for you and recommend matching pieces without the overwhelming millions of possibilities!

Lighten your wardrobe, lighten your conscience

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Give new life to the clothes that have been waiting in your closet forever. Resell, donate, share, or discard through our environment conscious recycling partners.


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