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What is Stylicist?

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Learn who is interested in your brand

Learn from the trends and the analytics you can get from users wardrobes. Learn what are the current favorite colors in a specific location, the current shapes and the current styles. Be always on top of your audience.

Engage with users on their tastes

See how user interact with items from your store. Check how they're integrating your items in their saved outfits. Offer them an opportunity to see the possible matches with their actual wardrobe before buying.

Target special promotions to the right users

Stop general sales on your e-commerce platform and target users that are exactly tailored to the audience you're trying to reach. Whether they are more classic, glamourous or edgy, be always accurate in your marketing message.

Help users find exactly what they're looking for!

Thanks to our unique matching algorithm, users can search for items they always dreamed about based on picture they have taken or gathered on internet. Be present on our platform and allow us to redirect the user to YOUR store


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